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Monday, September 25, 2006

Charity Auction: Jake & His Puggle Help Out!

jake Gyllenhaal and his puggle Boo Radley are in the news again. Jake has been asked to sign a wooden bone for a benefit auction for the Mississipi Animal Rescue League. Thanks guys - every little bit helps!

Celebs sign bones for charity


Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, John Travolta and Jake Gyllenhaal are among 40 celebrities who have signed wooden "dog bones" for a charity auction benefiting the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.The celeb-signed bones were auctioned Thursday at the organization's second annual Fur Ball event in Jackson, Miss. Proceeds will go to constructing a new animal shelter, said Allison Nutt, a MARL board member and Fur Ball chairwoman. MORE

The Enquirer - Celebs sign bones for charity

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pet Shop Puggle Bonuses: Risk Or Benefit!

Noticed this recent advert from pet shop "Puppy Paradise" in Brooklyn. It's tempting to buy pets where the prices are good or you are getting all sorts of special offers but one critical thing thing to remember - You should plan to have your Puggle around for 12 to 15 years and the most important thing should be the long term health and quality of your Puggle. Check where the puppies come from FIRST - make sure they are healthy then think about the added extras in the deal - it may not be such a bargain in the end!

Puppy Paradise Offers $100 in Free Pet Supplies with the Purchase of Any Puppy

(OPENPRESS) September 2, 2006 -- When looking to purchase a new puppy, finding the right place to buy your puppy can be an exhaustive process. Puppy Paradise in Brooklyn, New York, offers their customers more than just the puppy for their customers over the last 35 years. They offer puppy grooming, puppy boarding, puppy training, pet supplies, vet services, and even a pet taxi to transport your new pet around town. They also offer many different varieties of designer puppies that are hard to find, such as Puggle (part Beagle and Pug), and also little Teddy Bears (Part Shih Tzu and Bichon). MORE

Puppy Paradise Offers $100 in Free Pet Supplies with the Purchase of Any Puppy

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Monday, August 28, 2006

How Active Is Your Puggle - Meet Lola!

Young puggles can get a bit on the active side. Meet Lola - I got exhausted just viewing the video of Lola & the Plastic bag.

YouTube - Lola & the plastic bag

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wedding goes to the dogs!

You may recall a few weeks ago I posted an article about the pending marriage of Sparky, a 30 pound Puggle and Mercedes, a 90 pound mastiff mix. Well the happy day finally arrived and the happy couple were "marired" in front of many guests including print & TV media. Sounds like a great time was had by all....

Wedding goes to the dogs-- really

Hundreds of humans attend $2,000 ceremony.
By Bill Bell, Staff writer

A couple of dogs, Mercedes and Sparky, were wed Sunday in the outdoor galleria at Mimo's Cafe in Uptown Whittier in a ceremony attended by several hundred people, plenty of other dogs as well as print and television photographers.

Cynthia Calamusa of Whittier, seated in a wheelchair with her tiny pet Chihuahua, Saddie, in her lap, expressed what seemed to be the general sentiment about the event.

"I think it's neat. I love it," she said.

The central figures in the doggie wedding were the bride, Mercedes, 7, a 90-pound mastiff-Labrador mix, and the groom, Sparky, 3, a chunky 30-pound puggle. Rick Elias, 53, a professional Whittier photographer, is the owner of the bride and Trisha Garcia, a tenant in Elias' Uptown office building, owns Sparky. One day, the two owners agreed a doggie wedding would be fun and the planning began. More here.

Press-Telegram - Wedding goes to the dogs -- really

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Celebrities Can Get Caught Too!

This story hammers home the point I keep making to potential Puggle buyers... make sure you get a written health guarantee and even then take your new puggle to the vet for a health check within a few days of taking it home!

Julianne's sad puppy dog tale

There were tears in the Julianne Moore household after the family's new puggle puppy died of distemper after just three weeks. And the actress isn't pleased with the Brooklyn pet store that sold her the ailing pooch.

"Julianne and the kids were very upset," says a source. "She called the store to complain after hearing others from her dog's litter suffered the same fate, but the store denied responsibility.

"A manager at Puppy Paradise on Flatbush Ave. confirmed Moore bought her dog there, but told us he didn't know it had died. He denied any of their dogs were sick.

However, Moore soon found a way to put smiles back on the faces of Caleb, 8, and Liv, 4, her children with ­director-husband Bart Freundlich.

The family now has a 7-month-old terrier/Labrador mix named Cherry, which they bought from a breeder.

New York Daily News - Home - Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Julianne's sad puppy dog tale

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Puggle Daycare!

If you are trying to cope with a young Puggle and dyatime work then you might want to think about doggy daycare. Keeping your Puggle occupied and anxiety free when you are busy with work has a lot of appeal...

Doggie daycare

By Kate Sullivan Foley/ CorrespondentFriday, August 18, 2006

When her mother arrived to pick her up from daycare, Nikki raced to her with visible enthusiasm. Squirming with delight, the 3-year-old showered her mother with kisses.

In typical preschool fashion, Nikki didn’t have a lot of patience ...it was evident she wanted to go home.

But first, mother, Hedy Levine, wanted an update on Nikki’s day. She’s still a little timid when she comes in the door, but warms up pretty quickly, she was told. Nikki periodically looks out the window during the day, an obvious sign that she misses her mother, they added.

She also tends to follow the others around, but as soon as they show an interest in playing, she trots away. Levine nodded in knowing agreement.

"She just loves people....much more than she likes other dogs," said Levine.

Nikki is a Wheaten Terrier who recently started attending the newly opened doggie daycare at Lainer Animal Hospital of Canton.

Working full-time and with her three daughters away for the summer, Levine, a Sharon resident, said she signed Nikki up because she didn’t want her to be home alone.

"I just felt bad leaving her every day," said Levine.

The dog spends about three days of every week at the daycare facility.  Continued

TownOnline.com - Local News: Doggie daycare

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Monday, August 14, 2006


If you have been stuck in sub standard rental accommodation because of your pet take heart. More and more places (including some luxury accommodation) are allowing you to have a pet just by paying a fraction more rent as insurance.

Luxury digs lob dogs a bone


Want a luxury apartment and have a pet? That used to be a challenge, but not anymore -- at least not for folks willing to pay extra

"Pet rent,'' long established in other parts of the country, is a growing trend in the Bay Area.So pet owners, get ready to fork over up to $100 more a month to have Fluffy or Fido in that swank apartment.

"When I first moved in, I was excited to find a place that would let me have a dog,'' said Aryn Pedowitz, an attorney and owner of Trouble the puggle, a crossbreed between a pug and beagle.

Pedowitz and Trouble live at the Avalon on The Alameda, which boasts housing options that include ``luxurious apartment or townhouse.''

Pet rent is the only reason she could bring a dog into such a place, said Julie Scopazzi, public-affairs director of California Apartment Association Tri-County, a rental-housing trade group. Continued

MercuryNews.com | 08/13/2006 | Luxury digs lob dogs a bone

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